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YRR VIRTUAL CREW memberships are non-transferable and may not be sold, transferred or bartered.  No refunds will be offered. If a member is found to be selling his/her membership, the membership(s) will be cancelled without a refund.

YRR VIRTUAL CREW memberships are internet-only subscriptions that allow members to access and post content that is not available to non-members and the general public. All members must abide by copyright laws regarding any content they receive via the YRR VIRTUAL CREW area so that the exclusivity for those who subscribe can be maintained. Federal law mandates that you may not copy, repost, reproduce or rebroadcast publicly the contents of the YRR VIRTUAL CREW member Web site, in ANY form (copy and paste, copy text only, copy images, etc), and there are penalties for doing so. We reserve the right to immediately revoke the membership (without refund) of anyone who shares her/his password or content from the members areas, in any form, with non-members, and who infringe upon the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others and reserve the right to prosecute violators to the full extent of the law.

Funds used from any membership fees for the film production do not constitute or imply an investment by individual YRR VIRTUAL CREW members in the documentary or any related projects. All memberships expire one year after the first theatrical release of the film.

The content of this web site, including, but not limited to: text, content, audio files, video files, images, logos, photographs and other material available at this site (the “Material”) are protected by the U.S. copyright laws and the signatory countries to international copyright treaties and may not be used or duplicated without prior written permission and express consent from Yellow Rick Road Productions. Unauthorized use or duplication of the Material herein subjects the user to civil or criminal liability.