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“Life is a Celebration”: Download a FREE Book by Claire Springfield

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Claire Springfield has been on the Yellow Rick Road for awhile.  She has been a great supporter of the film and we are extremely grateful to her (fun fact: Claire owns the one and only press sheet of the cover art for “Late, Late at Night” signed by Rick that Stacy Creamer from Touchstone Books was generous enough to donate to us as an auction item to help raise funds to cover some of our production expenses … we were so happy it found a home with such a wonderful, devoted Rick Fan).

As we’ve said over and over, we received over 1,000 story submissions and it was not easy picking the seven featured fans for our 93-minute film … we wish we could have covered ALL of your stories and we really encourage you to tell your story.  We tried to incorporate your stories into this website, but honestly, we are such a small team and had so many business items that needed to be taken care of to keep the project alive that it simply made more sense for Kris Fluck, our extremely talented webmaster/graphic designer, to create her own RS fansite.  We are proud that she was able to apply a lot of our original ideas (and add her own creative flair/style/ideas/personality/etc). Be sure to check out: www.weloverickspringfield.com … she has done a FANomenal job keeping everyone up on our favorite rock star, Rick Springfield!

Ok, so back to “class act” Claire … Claire wrote an incredible memoir titled “Life is a Celebration” that she is currently offering it as a FREE download (how cool is that!).

We asked her to write a little blog letting you know her role on the Yellow Rick Road …

In Claire’s Words:  When I first heard about the Yellow Rick Road, I was more than eager to join in. Just say Rick Spring…. and before you can even get the second syllable of his name out, my face lights up like the New York skyline. Unfortunately, the year most of the filming for the documentary was taking place, my life was in transition so I only made it to a few of his concerts and missed out on actually being on camera. But I am still in the film – because we all are. The stories told in “An Affair of the Heart” represent all of us, and though it would have been great to be officially visible, I was proud to support the project and have the rest of the world know what this “Rick thing” is all about.

I also felt I had an interesting personal story of my own and wanted to put it on paper and see if I could formulate all of my feelings in a cogent manner. But like Margaret Mitchell, making a long story short is not my strong suit. What I had intended to be a few pages about being a fan ended up more like a dissertation. I started out wanting to describe why certain songs and lyrics had been particularly meaningful to me, but as I began writing, so much more became evident, and it was clear it would make more sense if I tied it all together. Thus, Life is a Celebration began to take shape, and as each chapter materialized, I felt more and more encouraged knowing I was not only capturing the dynamic connection we fans have with Rick and his music – but with each other as well.

Since writing LIAC, I have received private messages from other fans far and wide who have personal stories also related to Rick and his music. A few have said my story is, in a way, their story, too, as far as the sense of healing and new found friendships born from a shared love of Rick Springfield music. So in hopes of continuing this ineffable phenomenon, I would like to share my story with you as well.

Here’s a link to Claire’s book: http://www.scribd.com/doc/123091281/Life-is-a-Celebration

ENJOY … and thanks again Claire for being such a generous, sweet soul …

Come on now and celebrate … Life is a Celebration!


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