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“SURVIVING STORMY SEAS” ~ Airplane Girl Offers An Insiders Look at Cruising

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Hi everyone!

If you have traveled with Rick on a cruise previously, you know how much fun it is! And if this year’s trip is your first, then let me tell you what you are in for  6 days of a great time!

I traveled on the first 3 cruises, so this year is #4. I love cruising- having done it a few times before with friends or family. I love the scenery I get to see, I love having beautiful, tasty food whenever I want it (without clean up), and I love wandering around the ship and seeing different parts of the world.

I also love relaxing on the balcony or deck and watching the sun set and listening to the ocean waves roar. However, for me, this cruise is about RICK and the friends I get to see who are also Rick FANS! I may not remember every name, but I remember faces and people with who I’ve connected in my heart. And we’re all together for the same purpose- to Rock Out!

Outside of a multiple day concert, there is no other place where I can talk Rick all day long o people who get it and are interested. I don’t often get to see the friend I will be rooming with, so the trip is like a long slumber party for us, reconnecting and catching up. It’s fun to get dressed up for dinner, go to the events together, and giggle like teenage girls. Since I’ve been lucky to meet so many people in the last 6 years of traveling, an adventure like this one is the one time of the year I get to see these people in person.

Dinners and time waiting are great opportunities to meet new people and ask their story:  when did you first discover Rick? What’s your favorite album/song? That’s all it takes to get a conversation flowing.

This year the An Affair of the Heart film will be shown, so everyone will get to see some universal stories that represent what many of the fans feel about Rick. Don’t miss it  showing on the Lido Deck, under the nighttime sky. (Stars are exciting for me; we don’t have those in my big city.)

From minute one on the ship, the excitement is there and it continues to stay high for the rest of the trip. Everyone is so excited for the official first event, the welcome aboard concert. Rick always puts on a great show, but this one is special because he knows the room is filled with some of his biggest fans!!!

Although I usually get very sad after a concert ends, this time it’s different. Even though the show has stopped, there are 5 more days of events to anticipate!

The pace seems to be non-stop, so I’m happy to see this year has a bit more down time (to hang out with your friends, check out other fans’ door decorations, or bask in the sun) for all of us to enjoy. The concert on the beach is always so cool. The music is a bit stripped down (and so is Rick’s top half, if we’re lucky – LOL) and it’s a casual event. When you’re there, be sure to take a short minute to just look around:  see the ocean, feel the sand in your toes and the sun on your face, drink your margarita or beverage of choice and pinch yourself –  you are IN THE CARRIBBEAN, attending a Rick Springfield Concert!!!  This is how postcard moments are made.

The (only?) downside to cruising is the possibility of seasickness, although it is less likely on a big cruise ship than a small boat. Take your Dramamine ahead of time. If you are plagued, see if you can get a Ginger Ale at the bar. Keep yourself occupied and try not to focus on the motion (you will probably get used to it). Lie down on your back and close your eyes. Imagine the rocking is you, in a hammock on the beach, being slowly lulled to sleep. Get fresh air blowing on your face. In worst cases, visit the ship’s medical Doctor who will help. If you’re lucky, we’ll start sailing before you even notice, and then you’ll look out a window and wonder why the trees are moving!

Sleep is one thing you won’t get much of on a Rick cruise. There are just too many things to do, too many friends to catch up with, and too much partying! But that’s okay, we can all sleep when we get home, right? I get quite exhausted on this trip, but it’s all worth the memories I make when I’m aboard.

Have you heard the slogan “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, one year, the trip’s slogan was “what happens on the ship, stays on the ship.”  There are moments that happen (some planned, most not) that you won’t experience at any other Rick event. The funniest of these moments are the ones where Rick and Doug are together. They are simply silly, and at some point expect to have tears running down your face from laughing so hard. You won’t be able to breathe. If the guests have a good sense of humor, they’ll throw in an extra comment to add and you’ll be laughing all over again. (Meet Doug in person, and he is the sweetest, kindest guy ever!) Mark Goodman tops it off with a wacky comment and you’ll be so glad you are there. Poor Mark, I love him, but he’s been given the tough job of guiding Rick & the rest of the friends along the way. His job would be easier if he were herding cats!

For the fans unable to cruise, rest assured that there will be lots of stories to tell and share! I believe the same videographers will be on board to capture the events on DVD for all of us to watch later. And, hopefully, the same wonderful people who have those great cameras and know how to use them will share their photos with all of us.

I’ve created a word document to keep more organized (even after 3 times on the Carnival Destiny, I still get a bit turned around on the ship. And there aren’t many clocks on board, so it’s harder to keep track of where you are going when.). This document is an updated version of what Rose Tours gave us on the first cruise. Add in your own details, and Voila! You have your own itinerary that fits in your purse or pocket. Save the pretty one you get at check in for your scrapbook.

Click here to download Laurie’s Itinerary Sheet: 2011 Cruise Share doc

Bon voyage!!!

Laurie “Airplane Girl” Bennett

PS: I’m so glad to share my word doc with so many cruisers – I’ve found it to be so helpful for myself and I really hope you find it makes your scheduling easier. I’m a professional organizer by trade, so it’s something I love to do – help people! I also have a document on packing tips for the cruise… I usually charge for these types of tips, but I’d be willing to give a discount to any of the Cruisers on th RS Cruisers face book group or the Film VIP members. I can email it for $5.50, paypal only-bennett97@verizon.net- is my PAYPAL address. I respectfully ask that purchasers do not share the information (but you can purchase an extra copy for a friend who doesn’t have Paypal.) I already have two people who’ve told me how much this info has helped them!

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