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Featured Fan: JoAnn Camporeale

Submitted by on September 25, 2011 – 12:00 am5 Comments

Full name: JoAnn Camporeale
IGE Girl   (hahahaha)
Howell, New Jersey
Mom/Homemaker (a.k.a.  Head of Household, Childcare/Husbandcare, Chef, Nurse, Maid, Teacher, Dishwasher, Launderer, Chauffer, Referee, Psychiatrist and anything else no one else wants to do!)
Favorite Rick song: 
“I Get Excited” – Once you view the trailer you will get it! ;)
Number of Rick concerts: 
Too many to count!

First Rick encounter: February 24th, 2008 Lancaster PA!  Last minute I purchased two tickets for a Sunday night concert without knowing who would come with me.  Desperate and after a lot of begging I convinced my brother.  All I had to do was drive, and buy him dinner.  DONE!  Leaving extra early and arriving 3 hours before the concert resulted in the first of several “human touch” encounters… RICK SPRINGFIELD stepped out of the venue door where I was parked! In shock, but thinking quickly on my feet I ripped my coat off (I didn’t want my first RS picture with a bulky winter coat) and I threw my camera at my brother!!  I finally got to meet and get a photograph with my first teenage crush. Although there was snow on the ground, I was melting inside and out!!!

The longest distance you have traveled to see Rick: Besides the cruise twice, have flown to Milwaukee from NJ, and drove 7 ½ hours from NJ to Virginia… and got a speeding ticket!!!!!!!!!

Your Rick Story (please be brief): Yeah right!  Brief? Can’t make any promises!

I was 10 years old and I purchased the single of Jessie’s Girl.  It was fun to sing along to and I had heard on the radio the artist was Rick Springfield, but I had never seen him.  I was not a General Hospital viewer.  When I laid eyes on the cover of the single and saw Rick I was head over heels!  I could not get enough of not only JG but also Rick himself. Since I was so young, I had not attended any concerts but I was instantly hooked.

Fast forward a bit.  I am now an adult and being hooked took on new meaning as the “human touching” began.  Wanted an autograph, got it… mid-concert!! How about a birthday kiss Rick? Got it… mid-concert!! The ultimate Rick experience would be singing “I Get Excited” on stage with him. Did it!!!

Rick has made every teenage wish I have ever had come true.  I would attend many Rick concerts after that. I began going with other Rick Fans and feel so lucky to have met such a special group of girls.  Attending a concert is like a family reunion.

When Rick comes out on stage it is like I am seeing him for the first time every time.  I still feel butterflies in my stomach, my palms are sweating and my heart is racing!  I am sure I have that goofy look in my eyes too!  If I could bottle up that feeling I would!!!

When I hear certain songs, it brings me right back to the moment and feelings of that time period.  Lately, it seems he is always around me.  I listen to him as I drive, I exercise to his music, my conversations always lead back to Rick, my emails contain Rick jokes or videos, my children sing his songs around the house, I am usually talking to a Rick friend or planning my next “Rick Fix”.  Some even say I am infatuated or slightly obsessed and I look them right in the eye and say … It’s An Affair of the Heart!

How do you feel about being cast as a feature fan? Pinch me if it’s all a dream!! The past 2 years feels like a dream come true and I never want to wake up!!!  It is surreal to think I am in a film with Rick Springfield, my first teenage crush.  It is also an honor to have been selected to represent such a special group of fans.  Yes, Sue and I are the moms as many of you are, but it is so much deeper than that.  Rick fans are devoted, loyal, caring, kind individuals not only towards Rick but each other.  There is no other fan-base I can think of that has such a sense of community and family.  There are so many amazing stories and I feel blessed and humbled being cast as a featured fan.

Where did the camera crew film you? Milwaukee WI, Howell NJ, Verona NY, Readington NJ, New York NY, and the 2010 Cruise.

Why do you think you were selected to share your story? I am not exactly sure. Everyone has such amazing Rick stories and one is not better than the other.  They are all unique in their own way.  Rick has a way of touching all of our lives and making us feel we have a special “connection” with him.  The reality is I am just a mom from NJ who is blessed with the life I have always wanted.  I am a wife, a mom, a friend and a Rick Springfield fan who happened to be lucky enough to have a few great “Rick moments”.

What was the most memorable experience during the filming process? It is so hard to choose one moment when there have been so many!!!  I can say the top 3 moments are: 1) being on stage with Rick under his guitar, 2) Rick surprising Sue and I in our hotel room in Milwaukee and jumping on my bed with RICK SPRINGFIELD and 3) my husband surprising me at a Rick concert (my worlds collided).

Did you have any revelations you’d like to share as a result of being a part of this film? YES!!!! Going through the process of being interviewed and filmed as a fan has really made me reflect within myself.  It has opened my eyes and made me aware of many emotions I had.  I used to think the whole experience was ALL ABOUT RICK!!   Now I realize it is about the friends I have made along the way.  I have made friends for life and we will talk abut our amazing memories even when we are old and gray. I have also realized it is about the journey.  Some of our best times were the adventures of just getting to the concerts.  And last but not least, I have realized that though going to these concerts are some of my happiest times, I really am exactly where I belong.  I love my family and friends and there is no place else I would rather be.

How are you feeling as we are counting the days until the first official screening? I want to hold on to this moment forever!

Anything you’d like to add: I think I have said more than enough!  Thank you YRR for the time of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • ricksclevefan says:

    From another Mommy and Rick fan, your story is amazing and I can’t wait to see it along with all of the other wonderful stories on the big screen. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.


  • fanofafan says:

    Great stuff! I am a fan of this fan… and the creators of this awesome documentary.

  • careyb says:

    Great story JoAnn !

  • joannes says:

    Jo, I love, love, love what you wrote!!! I read it twice :-), and you say it so well, just what we ALL feel…I’m so glad you are one of the fans to represent all of us.

    I cannot wait to see the movie…wish I could be with you all in Malibu but I will ‘be there’ in spirit and hopefully there will be another screening somewhere in NY or NJ that I can get to.

    I love what ‘fanofafan’ said above…I’m a fan of this fan myself :-)…my fave IGE girl!!! :-)

    Thanks to Mel & Sylvia and all the YRR crew for what I KNOW will be an incredibly awesome movie!!!!!

    P.S. Jo, when you do bottle up that feeling…I’m buyin’ it :-).

  • jcamporeale says:

    Ladies, you have once again choked me up. Why am I so emotional? It just touches me when I don’t even know some of you but you still share your true support not only for me but this project. I am so proud to be representing the coolest fans on the planet!!!! I am a fan of Rick’s fans. YOU ROCK!!!

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