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Featured Fan: Jill Antipas

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Full name:  Jill Antipas

Nickname:  Married Couple ; Cruise Couple

Age:  40

Hometown:  Chicago, IL  (Grew up in Minneapolis, MN)

Occupation:  Figure Skating Coach ; housecleaning business

Favorite Rick song:  Don’t Talk to Strangers ; Wasted ; I’ll Miss That Someday

Number of Rick concerts:  40-something

First Rick encounter: First concert 1999 ; The first time I saw Rick outside of a show was in Milwaukee in 2008.  Steve and I were surprised by him coming out of the elevator for the Blu Room acoustic show.  We were just standing there, the door opens, and POOF! there he stood!!   :)  He said hello, smiling, went the other way, and we went into the show.  First time meeting Rick and getting a photo was outside the elevator of the Pfister in Milwaukee that same year  (good week for elevators, eh?!).

The longest distance you have traveled to see Rick:  Rick Springfield Cruise (2008, 2010)

Your Rick Story:  I have been a fan since 1981.  My girlfriend gave me the “Working Class Dog”  album at my 12th birthday party in 1982.  I had a ticket to see him in 1983, but due to a family trip at the same time, was unable to attend. I saw him for the first time in 1999, and saw a few shows after that.  When I met Steve in 2007, we began to see Rick together every chance we got. At a concert in Minnesota, just before the inaugural Rick cruise (2008), Steve asked Rick’s management if he could surprise me with a proposal on the cruise. Rick gave the okay, and on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008, Rick brought us up on stage and emceed our engagement! That was one of the best times of my life.

Rick began his presence in my life as a talented, good-looking guy on tv and radio, while I was just a young girl still in school. Almost three years ago, aboard the Destiny cruise ship, Rick’s presence in my life was most prevalent.  I want to believe that Rick actually played some part in arranging the surprise on-stage proposal. The fact that he was very attentive to what was going to take place, and the fact that it was in his thoughts at random times, throughout the cruise (which I learned later), is just mesmerizing.

At future shows, he would ask if we were married yet, or if we’d set a date yet. He has let the concert crowds know the story of our cruise engagement. The fact that he hasn’t forgotten about us is overwhelming. Sometimes, he’ll call us ‘The Married Couple’.

I was a part of the large fan base that helped make a dream of success come true for Rick Springfield. Now, 30 years later, that talented good-looking guy on tv and radio helped make a dream come true for me. And, Yes :) , Rick, we are officially married! Thank you so much for asking ;)

How do you feel about being cast as a feature fan?  HONORED! I feel NUMB! And, of course, very fortunate to be included in this fantastic film!! It is still surreal. I don’t know if the reality of it all will ever sink in!

Where did the camera crew film you?  In Milwaukee 2010; small clips at various RS concerts in the Chicago area; our wedding; at our home getting ready and departing for the RS cruise 2010; on the RS cruise 2010.

Why do you think you were selected to share your story?  I think (my opinion only!) that Rick may realize that there are a lot of guys that are fans of his, and that it’s pretty cool that some of them truly look up to him, and are such genuine fans. I feel that he could sense that intense admiration in Steve. It seems that Rick enjoys doing new and exciting things and events for his fans.  Maybe he thought that it would be a unique idea to have a proposal happen during one of his concerts. I believe the film crew thought the same thing about our story :) Also, I believe the idea that we only attend Rick Springfield concerts as a couple, never separately, isn’t as  common among Rick’s crowd, and therefore, gives a different perspective of Rick and his shows.  hehe, it seems that Rick gets confused when he sees only one of us…lol!  ;)

What was the most memorable experience during the filming process?  The day that we were surprised by Rick and the film crew at a ballroom during his Milwaukee show week in 2010. Me, Steve, and Laurie (“Airplane Girl”) were brought there to do an interview with the film crew. While Steve and I were led up the stairs, we were being interviewed by the camera guy. We were asked, “How was the show last night?”, and a voice echoed that question from behind a pillar. That voice stepped out from behind, and, POOF! (again, lol) there stood Rick Springfield!! As nervous as we were, we survived the interview.

Did you have any revelations you’d like to share as a result of being a part of this film?  In the past few years, after many intimate concert settings (being close to the stage), and after meeting him several times, my fondness has evolved from primarily being a fan of Rick Springfield the entertainer, to also being a fan of Rick Springfield the person. It is simply amazing to me how he tries to make a connection with his fans and how much it appears that he cares for them as individuals. When given the chance to talk to his fans, I’ve seen that he is attentive to what fans have to say to him, and, when he can, he seems to take his time interacting with them. It goes without saying that Rick the entertainer is ALWAYS present!

It’s just that now, the personality behind the star, has shown just as brightly as the star–in my sky, anyway…

While being a part of this incredible journey, Steve and I have met some wonderful people on this Yellow Rick Road. Definitely many lifelong friends… :)

How are you feeling as we are counting the days until the first official screening?  Again, NUMB! It’s all surreal! Excited! Restless! CRAZY! Fortunate! I’m all of that right now, for sure!  Can’t wait to see everyone again, and meet new people!  What do I wear?!

Anything you’d like to add:  I’d like to add a couple of more interviews, lol!  I was so nervous on them, I hope I did okay!!

I’d like to tell everyone out there how wonderful the film crew has been.  Thanks for everything, guys/girls! I’m so happy to have met the other featured fans!   I’d like to tell the world that Rick has been fabulous throughout this! It seemed that he has been enjoying it all :)   Thank you, Rick, for allowing this to happen, and for being there 100++% for this film!! You rock!!

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