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Featured Fan: Dustin Walker

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Full name:  Dustin Tyler Walker
Channahon, Illinois
Favorite Rick song: 
Motel Eyes
Number of Rick concerts: 
Too many to remember since I have been going to them since I was a baby.  I am guessing somewhere around 50.
First Rick encounter: I was at a concert and I was only two years old.  I brought my toy guitar with me and Ronnie Grinel (Bucky) asked me if I wanted to go out on stage with Rick.  I told him, maybe later—but then got up enough nerve to do it and Rick and I were friends from then on.
The longest distance you have traveled to see Rick: 
100 miles

Your Rick Story:  My Dad had met Rick once before I was born.  When I was really little one of my favorite things was to sing Jessie’s Girl and I didn’t have a microphone so I would use a toilet plunger.  I was only two years old and didn’t know what a plunger was for.  After I met Rick, he and everyone in his band was so great to me.  They would always let me hang out with them and I learned a lot just by watching and listening. Over the years I have been so lucky to be around Rick and everyone.  I have started loving the guitar and now I am writing my own songs and play guitar constantly.

How do you feel about being cast as a feature fan?It has been pretty amazing.  I guess it doesn’t make me nervous or anything because I have been around Rick so much that I am totally comfortable playing guitar with him and stuff.  I guess I am just glad to be a part of it because it can show what a great person Rick is to take time for a kid like me.

Where did the camera crew film you? The camera crew filmed me with Rick at a bowling alley, at a hotel conference room in Milwaukee, WI, and playing guitar on-stage with him in Joliet, IL during a concert. They also came to my house and followed me to school and church and came to a local teen nightclub near my house to film my band performing.

Why do you think you were selected to share your story? I am not really sure, I hope it is because I know every Rick song on the guitar.   

What was the most memorable experience during the filming process? The most memorable experience of the film and of my entire life was getting to play guitar for Rick during a live concert.  I mean it is one thing to play along to a CD of your favorite rock star at home, but to really be right next to him and playing a song he wrote is just too unbelievable. 

Did you have any revelations you’d like to share as a result of being a part of this film? I realized that Rick and I are more alike than I thought, I need my Converse and my Starbucks just as much as he does. 

How are you feeling as we are counting the days until the first official screening? I am trying to picture what it is going to be like, I am hoping that I get to see Rick’s corvette.

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